The Exit (Narrative Short)

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Synopsis: Leon S. Potts is nearing his last years on earth. Since the death of his wife he has taken it upon himself to keep their house immaculate – just as she would. One day, after returning from the hospital due to a recent heart attack, Leon is cleaning his house when he discovers a depressed knot in the floorboards. He nudges it slightly and it pops out. Beneath it, he can hear the wind howling.

Intent on keeping the house in perfect order, Leon removes all of the floorboards only to discover a giant hole in the ground, dipping down into infinity. Despite all of his efforts, he cannot fix the hole. In fact, with each effort to get rid of it, his house ends up messier than before. Even efforts to ignore the hole fail, as eventually it starts to develop a gravitational pull – inching his belongings towards it.

Leon must decide whether or not this fight is worth fighting. Should he move on, leaving his house and the memories attached to it behind, or risk death in a fight with this unstoppable force that has spoiled the foundation of his home?



Directed by Keith Tonini

Produced by Melissa Izbicki

Cinematography by Tashi Trieu

Production Design by Alec Contestabile

Film Editing by Anna Crane

Sound Design by Mitch McIntire